Statistics – As of December 16, 2013

Previously, I have been weighing myself on Wednesdays, but I thought that I would change that to Mondays instead, just because it seems to make more sense. Monday, to me, is the start of a new week and weighing myself on Monday mornings gives me a place to start.

So, as of Monday December 16, 2013, my height was 5’7″ and my weight was 297.4 lbs.

Since I started on the 5th, I have lost 5.8 lbs. While this seems like a really good loss, I haven’t truly done a lot to make it happen. I have been too busy to exercise (and if I’m not too busy, too tired) but I have been trying to make better food choices. However, I have also been sick lately, so I’m sure that surviving on chicken noodle soup for a couple of days made a dent. And, as I mentioned before, my weight fluctuates a couple of pounds regularly.

BUT at least it’s down and not up, right?

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