Falling Off the Wagon and the Lessons I Learned

Living a healthy lifestyle is hard, it really is. I’m sure once you get used to it that it seems second nature, but overhauling your life and going from being sedentary and eating poorly to exercising daily and eating really well can be a difficult transition.

I admit, I have fallen off the wagon, if you will, in the past couple of weeks. I was in such a great mindset with exercising every day for so long and eating well and now I am finding it so hard to get back into the routine. My eating has been pretty good, actually, but the exercise is almost non-existent right now.

Earlier this week, however, I broke two of my resolutions: 1) I ate fast food (Chinese) and 2) I drank pop. Now, I’m not beating myself up for these, because I know that it’s not “bad” for me to have these things once in awhile. But it made me think and here’s why.

After I ate that food, I felt horrible. The Chinese food tasted great, don’t get me wrong, but it was typical Westernized Chinese cuisine: greasy and covered in sauce. When I eat well, I usually feel great and healthy and energized afterwards; after I ate this, I felt sluggish. Then, worse, about half an hour after eating, my stomach really started to hurt. I can only imagine that it was because of the high fat content in the food after not eating anything like that for so long, but it was incredibly uncomfortable.

As for the pop (or soda, for some of you), let me just say this: pop runs through me now. Sorry if this is TMI, but after drinking pop, I have to pee all the time. Like every 10 minutes a good few times. This does not happen with any other beverage, just pop, because it is a diuretic.

To be honest, though the food and the pop tasted great, how I felt afterwards was pretty lousy. I didn’t feel energized, I just felt kind of ill. No matter how much I love Chinese food, I think that I would rather stick to making my own healthy versions than getting takeout. It just doesn’t seem worth it.