Weight Watchers/A Change in Schedule

Hello friends!

Today is Monday but I am not going to do my weigh-in. Why, you might ask? 

Well, I signed up for Weight Watchers! Weight Watchers is most definitely not for everybody, but I personally really like it. I have signed up a few times before and never stuck with it, but for the few months before I went away on my trip, I was using Weight Watchers’ system to track my food and exercise, via a spreadsheet. I could have kept up that way, but a) I like the meetings because it’s a support system and you can speak with leaders about problems, plus other people sometimes have suggestions when you are having difficulty and b) they’ve redone their system, so now your monthly membership includes access to the Weight Watchers app, which it didn’t before (you had to pay extra). I really like the app, it makes it super quick and easy to calculate and keep track. Yay technology! (I am not being paid to promote Weight Watchers, I swear, I just really like the program.)

Anyway, the reason that I switched my weigh-in day is because I attend WW meetings on Thursdays now and I figured that since I’m being weighed in there and that I’m using WW to track my weight loss, I might as well just do my weigh-in posts on Thursdays. 

I will continue to update about other stuff throughout the week, of course (like the 30 day fitness challenge I have embarked on!) but progress updates will now be Thursday, for the forseeable future. I know that I’ve already changed that day about 3 times, so it’s quite possible that it will change again, but it’s Thursday for now! 

Happy Losing!