Progress Update – January 12, 2015

Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 306.4 lbs
Loss: 3.6 lbs
Current BMI: 48.0
Loss: 0.5

Let me tell you, I am positively thrilled to see this loss. It can be difficult to see a number like 3 lbs and be discouraged about what a tiny portion that is of the weight I need to lose, but if you think about it, 3 lbs in a week is incredible. In a year, that is 156 lbs! I don’t want to lose weight that quickly (a maximum weekly loss of 2 lbs is what is recommended for optimal health) and, of course, weight loss is not consistent from week to week, but hey, what a great jumpstart to my weight loss!

What I Did Well This Week:
1) I did a very good job of making good food choices this week – limiting my sugar, cutting out fast food and processed food, and eating things like fruit, veggies or a healthy smoothie when I was craving a snack, instead of reaching for chips or something unhealthy.
2) I have been drinking more fluids lately, mostly because I have been super into tea lately. I know that tea is supposedly a worse choice than plain water, due to the caffeine, but many kinds of tea also have lots of health benefits. Plus, I love curling up with a steaming hot drink, a blanket and a good book in the winter. Usually my hot beverage of choice is hot chocolate, but that is, unfortunately, loaded with sugar, so tea is definitely a healthier option.
3) I have been tracking my food intake religiously too, using My Fitness Pal. I don’t believe that calories are the be all, end all of health and weight loss, but I do think that keeping a journal is a way for me to really see what I’m eating and how much. Plus, when you look at some foods, you realize just how little nutritional payoff you are getting for so many calories, and you reevaluate for next time how much you actually want those cheese fries.

What I Can Improve On:
1) I didn’t exercise this week. I always get some light cardio in, via walking my dogs, and this week I did some heavy duty cleaning, which burns calories, but I didn’t actively make time for exercise, which I want to change. I always feel like “oh, I don’t have enough time, I have to set aside 3 hours to exercise” but really, that’s ridiculous. As I think I mentioned in my last post, research indicates that shorter, intense workouts are just as (if not more) effective than longer sessions. I have always been intimidated by intense workouts, mostly because I’m so unfit, but I figure that I can do anything for 30 minutes, right?So hopefully if I stop thinking that I need to workout for a really long time, I’ll be more flexible about fitting it in.
2) Although I got a lot of sleep this week (yes for being able to sleep in!), I didn’t go to bed at a very good hour. For me, I feel that the number of hours that I get before midnight is really what counts, I feel more refreshed. So, I would like to make a point of going to bed earlier in order to get those hours in.

How I Feel:
Pretty freaking great, to put it bluntly. I am feeling really happy and positive and pleased with my progress, and I’m excited for the future.


4 thoughts on “Progress Update – January 12, 2015

  1. So you should be proud – great stuff 🙂 And you’re inspiring me when I feel rather short on inspiration. We are the same height and my weight, though heavier, is very close to yours too. If you can do it, I can too!

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