Progress Update – as of July 6, 2015

Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 302.6 lbs
Gain: 0.8 lbs
Current BMI: 47.4
Gain: 0.1
Bust: 51 inches
Waist: 57 inches
Hips: 56 inches

So I gained a little this week. Oh well. I kind of expected it, simply because I have been losing consistently for the past 3 or so weeks. I’m not concerned, 0.8 is nothing in the grand scheme of things. And, because I weighed myself on Monday evening, not morning like I usually do, it could honestly be as simple as water weight.

I feel like I look slimmer. I know that losing 14 or whatever lbs I have lost in the past 3 weeks won’t make a difference in how I look like it would if I weighed 120 lbs BUT I feel slimmer. It seems to me like my pants are a little looser. I haven’t seen a huge difference on the scale this week, it’s true, but I’ve been working out consistently (at least 30 minutes a day) and really trying hard to eat well and I feel like it’s making a difference, even if the scale doesn’t necessarily reflect that.

What I Did Well This Week:
1) Workouts! I have been working out every single day for at least 30 minutes (sometimes more) and I find that I’m almost addicted. There have definitely been days when I think “No, I’m too tired, I don’t want to” but I put my clothes on and my shoes on anyway, because I know that after I do, I will feel better. I used to walk on the treadmill all the time, but mine is getting really old and the belt needs replacing so I figured, heck, it’s summer, I’ll walk outside. It’s too hot here to walk during the day normally (I personally overheat very easily and I get terrible headaches) but in the evenings it’s absolutely gorgeous, so I have really been enjoying getting outside and walking.

I’ve also noticed that I’m getting a lot fitter and stronger. It’s only been three weeks, so I’m not ready to run a marathon anytime soon, but I have noticed that things like squats and lunges and pushups are getting a lot easier. They still do burn, but I can do a lot more of them (and with better form) because I start to really feel the burn. I’ve been doing some of those 30 Day Challenges (find them online here). I combined the crunches, lunges, squats and pushups ones, because I feel like those exercises are easy to do anywhere and then I have no excuses. I’m about halfway through the 30 days and let me tell you, I am getting better. Today, I did 150 squats. The first day, it killed me to do just 25. I can’t do all 150 at once, I have to break them up, but it still feels pretty awesome that I can do 50 squats with good form in a row without heaving like a winded rhinoceros.

What I Can Improve On:
1) I have been eating pretty well BUT there is definitely room for improvement. I find that I am often starving when I get home from work, so sometimes I find myself snacking absentmindedly on whatever is in the cupboard while I get supper ready. I really need to either have a snack at work before I leave or on the drive home, or I need to have some snacks (like veggies) ready to go while I am cooking so that I’m not chowing down on whatever. I don’t have a lot of that stuff in the house anyway for that reason, but it’s still a bit of a problem so I’ll have to work harder.

2) Sleep! I never get enough sleep. It seems like I leave my workouts until late in the evening, so by the time I’ve finished and showered and am in bed, it’s midnight. I get up at 6:00 am to get ready for work. When I was a young university student, I could get by on 4 hours sleep but now I am finding that I really, really drag during the afternoons. I need to make sleep more of a priority. This, of course, is the reason for my horrible espresso addiction. I have since broken that, but BOY some days it is damn hard not to trek down to Starbucks and get a triple-shot latte, let me tell you. I think exercising has given me a bit more energy, but I am still severely sleep-deprived so I’m working on that.

How I Feel: 
Pretty freaking great, to be honest. It’s still somewhat discouraging to look in the mirror and think “HOW am I still fat?!” because I feel like I’ve been working out enough to shed about 50 lbs by now. But, every time I think that, I have to remember that I am literally changing my life. I am taking small steps and making positive changes so that I never go down this path again, so that I can “retrain” my brain to adapt to a new way of life. As much as we want to see results immediately, dropping weight at a rapid pace is a) unhealthy and b) unrealistic to maintain, so I’m grateful that at a place where I am going slowly enough that I know that I can maintain this healthier lifestyle forever.

Cheers folks, happy losing!