Progress Update – as of September 13, 2014

Height: 5’7″
Weight: 290.4 lbs
Loss: 3.9 lbs
Current BMI: 45.5
Loss: 0.6

This week’s loss, I think, was brought to you by influenza and the fact that I really couldn’t keep much down for a couple of days. So, oh well.

What I Did Well This Week:
1) One thing I have been doing well is drinking a lot of water. It’s kind of astonishing how little I had been drinking, I didn’t even realize. Now that I am drinking a lot, I notice that when I don’t, I really feel thirsty. Hopefully I can keep this up!

What I Need to Improve On:
1) Although I have been drinking more water, I haven’t been eating less sugar, which has been one of my goals for a couple of weeks, so I can most definitely improve on that.
2) I also really, really need to start getting into an exercise routine. I have really gotten off track and I haven’t been able to find my way back, so hopefully I can do that this week.

How I Feel:
Pretty good, pretty optimistic and hey, this week is a new week, hallelujah!

Progress Update – as of May 19, 2014

Once again, I did not have access to a scale this week, nor will I next week. I am staying at someone’s house at the moment, actually, but their scale is broken, so oh well. 

What I Did Well This Week:

1) Well, I have been eating fairly well. Lots of fish and veggies and chicken and the like, not junk food. (For the main meal at least, but we’ll touch on that later…)
2) I have been drinking a lot of tea, simply because the people that I’m staying with drink a lot of tea. We’re talking like 5 cups a day, easy. Which is good, because I definitely do not drink enough water. Tea has caffeine, yes, but I have been having it without sugar and milk, so essentially it is like drinking water. 

What I Can Improve On:

1) I went a little chocolate-crazy this week. I think it’s because I stayed at a cabin for 4 days with no internet and I was bored. Isn’t that pathetic? It made me realize how much I use the internet and how short my attention span is. So I’m thinking that I should rein that in. Not only is sitting on my computer a lot bad for me, but apparently, when I don’t have access to it, I replace that bad habit with eating sugar, another dreadful habit. So I think cutting down on screen time and going for a walk instead would benefit me in a lot of ways. 

How I Feel:

Pretty good, for the most part. I have no idea where I am on the scale, but when I measured myself last week, I had last several inches (although, to be honest, I don’t know if my measuring is very accurate). I am going by pants size more. I think I might be down to a size 16 by now. I brought two pairs of jeans with me: a 20 and an 18. The 20 is way too big, even with a belt and the 18 is getting to that point now. So yay?

I am coming HOME in a couple of weeks, at least for the summer, and then I am planning to embark on a “clean eating” challenge meaning no refined sugar, no processed foods, lots of lean protein and whole grains etc. etc. It will be hard, because I am a sugar addict and I know it, but I really want to do it. 

Until next time, au revoir! 

Changes So Far

I thought I would do a post about the changes that I have noticed in my life since I have started exercising and eating healthier. It has only been (almost) 3 weeks, so the changes aren’t huge, but even small, noticeable changes are encouraging! 

1) I can breathe! For most of my life, I have been plagued with chronic allergic rhinitis. Basically, that means that the tissue in my nose and sinuses is chronically swollen due to allergens in the air (ie animal dander, pollen, dust, mold etc.) and that most of the time, I can only breathe through one nostril. On the worst days, I sometimes can’t even breathe through my nose at all. I do have medication, but the side effects can be unpleasant (dry mouth, headaches), so it’s not the best. 

Much to my surprise, exercising every day has allowed me to breathe. It’s really quite amazing to be able to breathe without feeling like I’m not getting enough air. I didn’t expect this, so it’s been an amazing bonus! 

2) My skin is getting better. I have never really had bad skin, per se, but I am very fair, so any blemishes that I have had leave red marks that linger afterwards for, literally, years. I don’t know whether it’s the eating healthier or the extra water I’m drinking or the exercise (although probably, it’s all three) but astonishingly, many of those red marks have faded in just the few weeks I’ve been on this path. 

3) I am stronger and fitter. It has only been 3 weeks, so it’s not like I’m going to be running a marathon anytime soon, but I am finding that my treadmill routine is getting just a little bit easier to do every week, which is so exciting. I also find that certain weight-training exercises (such as planks, which I HATE) are getting easier. I am doing the Beginner #1 strength-training routine from “The Biggest Loser Fitness Program” book and I am also finding it easier each week, so fairly soon I will have to switch to the next routine. (There are 9 in all.) 

4) I mentioned this in my last blog post, but my pants appear to be looser than normal, even with a belt, which is exciting! Huzzah for losing inches! 

Exciting stuff!