Progress Update – as of May 19, 2014

Once again, I did not have access to a scale this week, nor will I next week. I am staying at someone’s house at the moment, actually, but their scale is broken, so oh well. 

What I Did Well This Week:

1) Well, I have been eating fairly well. Lots of fish and veggies and chicken and the like, not junk food. (For the main meal at least, but we’ll touch on that later…)
2) I have been drinking a lot of tea, simply because the people that I’m staying with drink a lot of tea. We’re talking like 5 cups a day, easy. Which is good, because I definitely do not drink enough water. Tea has caffeine, yes, but I have been having it without sugar and milk, so essentially it is like drinking water. 

What I Can Improve On:

1) I went a little chocolate-crazy this week. I think it’s because I stayed at a cabin for 4 days with no internet and I was bored. Isn’t that pathetic? It made me realize how much I use the internet and how short my attention span is. So I’m thinking that I should rein that in. Not only is sitting on my computer a lot bad for me, but apparently, when I don’t have access to it, I replace that bad habit with eating sugar, another dreadful habit. So I think cutting down on screen time and going for a walk instead would benefit me in a lot of ways. 

How I Feel:

Pretty good, for the most part. I have no idea where I am on the scale, but when I measured myself last week, I had last several inches (although, to be honest, I don’t know if my measuring is very accurate). I am going by pants size more. I think I might be down to a size 16 by now. I brought two pairs of jeans with me: a 20 and an 18. The 20 is way too big, even with a belt and the 18 is getting to that point now. So yay?

I am coming HOME in a couple of weeks, at least for the summer, and then I am planning to embark on a “clean eating” challenge meaning no refined sugar, no processed foods, lots of lean protein and whole grains etc. etc. It will be hard, because I am a sugar addict and I know it, but I really want to do it. 

Until next time, au revoir! 

Progress Update re: change in posting and something embarrassing (again)

Hello dear readers!

I have decided, once again, to change the day that I post every week. For the past several weeks it has been Wednesday (erm, well it’s supposed to be Wednesday but I haven’t always been so good about that) but I have now decided to make it Mondays. However, I do mean Mondays in New Zealand, so if you’re in North America, that means Sunday. Anyway.

I also wanted to talk about my progress. I have not yet taken my April measurements (that will happen on Monday) but I think I have been making progress. I don’t have a scale, so I can’t judge, but since I no longer have access to a car and since I’m currently staying in a place that is quite central, I have been walking basically everywhere I want to go, which has meant at least 20 minutes every day for the last 3 weeks, which is pretty good. Some days it has been way more than that, like 1, 2, 3 hours of walking, much of it uphill. Which means that I’m perpetually sweaty, but I digress.

Anyway, on to the embarrassing thing. Yesterday I was on my way to go see a house (I’m currently looking for a room to rent) and I went to the wrong end of the bus terminal. By the time I figured it out, my bus had already left. However, I decided to go find the correct bus stop anyway, so that I would know for next time. When it comes in sight, I realize that the bus I needed actually had not left yet, I guess it was running late. I am still a block away at this point and the bus looks like it’s about to pull out, so I run pell mell down the street to try to catch the bus. As I was running, my pants fell down.

They didn’t fall all the way down, thank goodness, but they were certainly slipping enough that I had to grab them and keep running. (And I’m quite certain that anybody behind me at the bus terminal got a delightful view of my underwear, but oh well.) I was wearing a belt with said pants but I guess I have lost enough weight that moving around that quickly, even with a belt, makes my pants too loose. Thankfully, I was able to pull them up properly and tighten my belt before boarding the bus to avoid further embarrassment, but after it all went down I was kind of pleased, to be honest. I have had the misfortune of having to bolt for the bus in those pants before, but I have never had an issue with them falling down, so I’m pleased as punch that I’ve gotten to a point where they’re just about too big to even stay up.

It would have been nice if I had discovered this in private, but oh well…