Progress Update – January 12, 2015

Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 306.4 lbs
Loss: 3.6 lbs
Current BMI: 48.0
Loss: 0.5

Let me tell you, I am positively thrilled to see this loss. It can be difficult to see a number like 3 lbs and be discouraged about what a tiny portion that is of the weight I need to lose, but if you think about it, 3 lbs in a week is incredible. In a year, that is 156 lbs! I don’t want to lose weight that quickly (a maximum weekly loss of 2 lbs is what is recommended for optimal health) and, of course, weight loss is not consistent from week to week, but hey, what a great jumpstart to my weight loss!

What I Did Well This Week:
1) I did a very good job of making good food choices this week – limiting my sugar, cutting out fast food and processed food, and eating things like fruit, veggies or a healthy smoothie when I was craving a snack, instead of reaching for chips or something unhealthy.
2) I have been drinking more fluids lately, mostly because I have been super into tea lately. I know that tea is supposedly a worse choice than plain water, due to the caffeine, but many kinds of tea also have lots of health benefits. Plus, I love curling up with a steaming hot drink, a blanket and a good book in the winter. Usually my hot beverage of choice is hot chocolate, but that is, unfortunately, loaded with sugar, so tea is definitely a healthier option.
3) I have been tracking my food intake religiously too, using My Fitness Pal. I don’t believe that calories are the be all, end all of health and weight loss, but I do think that keeping a journal is a way for me to really see what I’m eating and how much. Plus, when you look at some foods, you realize just how little nutritional payoff you are getting for so many calories, and you reevaluate for next time how much you actually want those cheese fries.

What I Can Improve On:
1) I didn’t exercise this week. I always get some light cardio in, via walking my dogs, and this week I did some heavy duty cleaning, which burns calories, but I didn’t actively make time for exercise, which I want to change. I always feel like “oh, I don’t have enough time, I have to set aside 3 hours to exercise” but really, that’s ridiculous. As I think I mentioned in my last post, research indicates that shorter, intense workouts are just as (if not more) effective than longer sessions. I have always been intimidated by intense workouts, mostly because I’m so unfit, but I figure that I can do anything for 30 minutes, right?So hopefully if I stop thinking that I need to workout for a really long time, I’ll be more flexible about fitting it in.
2) Although I got a lot of sleep this week (yes for being able to sleep in!), I didn’t go to bed at a very good hour. For me, I feel that the number of hours that I get before midnight is really what counts, I feel more refreshed. So, I would like to make a point of going to bed earlier in order to get those hours in.

How I Feel:
Pretty freaking great, to put it bluntly. I am feeling really happy and positive and pleased with my progress, and I’m excited for the future.


Progress Update – as of June 19, 2014

Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 287 lbs
Gain: 3 lbs
Current BMI: 44.9
Gain: 0.4

Alright, so I’m up again. BUT I am actually down from earlier in the week when I previously weighed myself, so it’s okay. I’m not sweating it. I am all about the positive attitude these days, about remembering that this is a journey and NOT a race and that I need to look forward and keep pushing and stay positive. I firmly believe that hard work and a good attitude can get you anywhere you want in life and this is no different. 

Also, I am OBSESSED with avocado these days. It’s funny because I used to HATE it when I was a kid, the sight of it practically made me vomit. Now? I can’t get enough of that delicious creaminess?! Funny how things can change like that. 

What I Did Well This Week:

1) I did very well with tracking. As I mentioned previously, I am now on Weight Watchers and I am positively in love with their new app, it makes keeping track of what I’m eating SO easy. 
2) I ate a lot of fruits and veggies, way more than I normally do. I had a fruit smoothie very morning (made with frozen berries, frozen banana and milk – YUM) and had a salad with lunch every day and I loaded my plate with vegetables every night. I really want to keep it up because honestly, it makes me feel awesome, I have so much energy. 

What I Can Improve On:

1) While I did eat lots of fruits and veggies, I also went a little overboard on the ice cream this week. (Ice cream is the one vice that I will never, ever be able to give up.) The grocery store had a sale on ice cream this week (so bad!) so I bought a couple of tubs and promptly dug in to maple walnut (my favourite, along with strawberry). Oops.
2) I didn’t do so well with the exercise this week, or with my Little Black Dress challenge. Most days, I found that suddenly it was 10 pm and I had run out of time to work out and then other days, I was so exhausted by 9 pm that I just called it a night and didn’t exercise. I only did the challenge one day this week, so I am resolved to start it again (and stick with it!) this week, as well as get my walking in. 

How I Feel:

I’m feeling awesome, to be honest. And maybe it’s because I have more energy or maybe it’s because I’ve been eating better, but I feel so HAPPY. I am just feeling confident and happy and pretty much like I can kick any challenge’s butt right about now. I think it’s more about just being healthier, I think it’s also just a mental change from the self-reflection that I did on my time away. Regardless, no matter how it came about, I’m thrilled. 

Cheers friends, happy losing! 


Weight Watchers/A Change in Schedule

Hello friends!

Today is Monday but I am not going to do my weigh-in. Why, you might ask? 

Well, I signed up for Weight Watchers! Weight Watchers is most definitely not for everybody, but I personally really like it. I have signed up a few times before and never stuck with it, but for the few months before I went away on my trip, I was using Weight Watchers’ system to track my food and exercise, via a spreadsheet. I could have kept up that way, but a) I like the meetings because it’s a support system and you can speak with leaders about problems, plus other people sometimes have suggestions when you are having difficulty and b) they’ve redone their system, so now your monthly membership includes access to the Weight Watchers app, which it didn’t before (you had to pay extra). I really like the app, it makes it super quick and easy to calculate and keep track. Yay technology! (I am not being paid to promote Weight Watchers, I swear, I just really like the program.)

Anyway, the reason that I switched my weigh-in day is because I attend WW meetings on Thursdays now and I figured that since I’m being weighed in there and that I’m using WW to track my weight loss, I might as well just do my weigh-in posts on Thursdays. 

I will continue to update about other stuff throughout the week, of course (like the 30 day fitness challenge I have embarked on!) but progress updates will now be Thursday, for the forseeable future. I know that I’ve already changed that day about 3 times, so it’s quite possible that it will change again, but it’s Thursday for now! 

Happy Losing!


I am now on Fitness Pal! Feel free to follow my progress on there and share your own, if you have an account. My user name is thatprettyfatgirl. 

I don’t necessarily believe in counting calories or that calories are the be all, end all of weight loss BUT it is nice to get a ballpark about how many calories I burn during exercise. Plus it tracks nutritional information too, so that I can ensure that I get enough protein, fiber, vitamins etc. in my daily diet. 

Cheers, happy weight loss! 

Progress Update – as of February 26, 2014

Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 293.7 lbs
Loss: 0.9 lbs
Current BMI: 46.0
Loss: 0.1

This week, we are back on the losing side again, albeit not much. To be honest, I have not been concentrating my efforts over the last two weeks. I am leaving for New Zealand in a week and a half (about which I say AHHHH!!!) and my stress level has been off the charts. Part of that stress is because of what I need to do before I go, but most of it is because I was frantically attempting to finish a correspondence course that I stupidly signed up for. (I did learn a lot, but it was a foreign language – Spanish – and it is VERY difficult to learn a foreign language on your own, just using a textbook and some videos.) It wouldn’t normally have been a big deal, but it is for credit at a university, so doing poorly or failing would mean that it reflects on my transcripts. As a result, MEGA STRESS.

I did try as hard as I could to make good choices this week in terms of eating well, but exercise once again fell by the wayside (not helped by the fact that I still have a cough). But it’s a new week and while I still have much to do before I leave, I am feeling much much better.

What I Did Really Well This Week:

1) Once again, I did a great job of tracking everything that I ate. I am glad that this is a habit now, as it keeps me aware of what I am eating and how much.

2) I am doing well at eating well and at making good choices and watching my portions, which is good.

What I Can Improve On:

1) Exercise, obviously. I need to get back into a routine otherwise I won’t be able to drop the weight, I know I won’t. Eating well is good and all, but I have discovered that for me I really need to have exercise in my routine for my weight loss. Not to mention that it’s good for cardiovascular health and fitness. So anyway, we need to get into that.

2) Sleep. Sleep is crucial. This week, due to my stress, I did not sleep very well at all (or much) and I feel the difference. When I am exhausted, I also find it much harder to make good choices. It is so easy to want to just gorge on mac and cheese and ice cream when you are tired and cranky, so adequate sleep is something I need to ensure I get in order to remain healthy.

How I Feel:

I am feeling pretty good, actually. The slow loss in February has been frustrating, but I know that it’s because I didn’t give it my best effort. However, I am optimistic now that my stress level is back to normal (well, relatively) and I am getting very excited for my upcoming trip (I will be gone until Christmas!). New Zealanders are a very active people and their country has relatively mild weather, so I am looking forward to spending a lot time outside biking and hiking. After all, what better way to experience a new country than to stroll in nature, right?

Cheers and happy March!