Being Healthy Shouldn’t Be So Hard

I have been trying, for the last little while, to omit processed food and added sugar from my diet and to exercise more. Simple, right? Sort of. I have some pretty bad habits and so trying to cut back on certain things I love most has proven difficult. But at least it’s clear cut.

But IS it that clear cut? Food and nutrition are a hot issue, apparently. I have done a lot of research on health over the last few years and let me tell you, wading through all of the differing opinions is so difficult.

Many vegans and vegetarians maintain that animal fats are BAD and that eating too much red meat will cause heart disease. Okay, I can accept that to some degree. Saturated fats are bad for you and eating too much of anything is probably not very good at all. But wait, now there’s someone else saying that animal fats are good for you and that you should eat lots of full-fat milk and butter and cheese, but only if it’s raw and unpasteurized. But then somebody else says hang on, pasteurization is a good thing because drinking unpasteurized milk can make you very sick. So then somebody else says okay, drink pasteurized milk, but only drink fat-free because butter and milk fat are bad for you. So you should use vegetable oil instead. But then vegetable oil will actually kill you and cause you to grow horns, so you should only use olive oil. But wait actually olive oil has a really low smoke point and should never be used for cooking and also most olive oil is fake, so use lard instead. But wait lard is full of saturated fat, so use coconut oil. But coconut oil has saturated fat but actually wait it’s a good kind, so don’t worry about it. You should eat lots of coconut oil, but actually don’t eat grains because grains are toxic and they cause autism and gastro-intestinal disease and cancer. But actually wait eat grains, just don’t eat oatmeal because it has phytic acid in it and it will rot your teeth. If you do eat grains, then you should only use baking soda on your teeth because all commercial toothpastes are toxic. But baking soda will ruin the enamel on your teeth, so you should brush with clay instead. But actually, flouride is the best thing to prevent tooth decay. But wait a second, flouride will KILL YOU and dentists are only after money, so avoid flouride and just eat lots of fat-soluble vitamins, like A & D. And also, don’t wear sunscreen because then you can’t absorb vitamin D. But wait actually, do wear sunscreen because you can get skin cancer if you don’t. But actually don’t wear sunscreen because sunscreen causes skin cancer and makes you turn green and your limbs will rot and fall off. And don’t eat fruit because it will rot your teeth. And don’t use cast-iron skillets. And don’t cook your food because you kill the nutrients. But actually do cook it because it will kill you if you don’t. And don’t use metal cooking utensils. And don’t do this. And don’t do that.

Confusing, right? It is impossible to follow everyone’s advice. On the one hand, you have health professionals (doctors, dentists, dermatologists) saying “Do eat this, do that, don’t do that” but then you have people who say that they’re all in it for the money and that “THE MAN” and all the big corporations control everything and CONSUMERISM and BRAINWASHING. But then on the other hand, the people doing the anti-medical thing don’t always have credible evidence to back up their claims.

So it makes you wonder? IS my doctor in it for the money? So should I believe somebody who writes a natural health food column? Or should I be skeptical about what they say because they don’t appear to have done any medical research?

The only thing that is agreed upon on all sides seems to be that vegetables are good for you. So I guess I will just become a rabbit…